What is Moshcam?

Moshcam is a site for music fans, created and run by music fans. Conceived in Sydney, Australia in 2007 by three friends united by their vision to bring music to the masses, our aim is to make live music accessible, enabling people around the globe to see quality, live footage of their favorite artists online and for free.

Partnering with the top gig venues in Australia and around the world, Moshcam has invested heavily in state-of-the art production facilities to capture the best live music out there. From blistering rock and electro grooves to psychedelic folk and blues, we bring you only the highest quality recordings, in both sound and vision.


What is the Moshcam Story?

Way back in 2007, three friends – Paul Hannigan, John Reddin and Elia Eliades – met in their local pub and bonded over their love of great live music. Wistfully remembering their best all time gigs (OK, outdoing each other), and lamenting the fact that so much live music perfection is alive and then gone in 90 minutes, it soon became apparent that they needed to find a way to capture the brilliance of a great live concert. Thus the idea of Moshcam was born, and that very same year we recorded our very first live concert video… somebody that we used to know: Gotye!*

Since those early days, Moshcam has captured more than 1,500 full-length live concert videos, interviews and features, which reach millions of live music fans across the globe every month. From our small beginnings in inner Sydney, Australia, to crews all around the world, Moshcam consistently captures the very best live performances from the world’s leading and up and coming artists.

*Sadly for all of us, the contract for the Gotye show ended in 2012 so we can no longer show you his concert. But you can still see his work on a platform called YouTube, where he’s apparently doing quite well.


How Do I Use Moshcam?

We’ve tried to create a beautiful, clean user experience on the Moshcam site and apps. So we hope you have no problems there. But just in case it’s not obvious, or you’re looking for inspiration, just mouse over the navigation bar just to the left – go on, we’ll wait while you do it.  Check out our Discover  page or jump straight into your preferred genres and see what’s on offer.  Alternatively, if you know of a particular artist you’re searching for, go straight to the search bar.  If we have it, you’ll see it there.  And don’t forget to check out the Blog. for lots of news, photos and other weird and wonderful dispatches from the world of live music

A few other things to look out for along the way:

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Get Moshcam on your TV.  If you’ve got an Apple TV, our iOS app is optimized for AirPlay – so you can stream straight from your laptop or mobile device straight up on to the big screen.  Trust us, it looks great! Chromecast is coming soon, as well as a number of other implementations – we’ll keep you updated on our progress (see, another reason to sign up for the newsletter!)  In the meantime, you can look out for some of the Moshcam shows through any number of our partners such as Amazon, Hulu, Fetch TV (Aus), and Vidzone (on PlayStation and Android app), as well as the full Moshcam channel on YouTube.


That’s Enough About Us – What are others saying about us?

What do The Guardian UK, The Sunday Times, Mashable, CNET, MusicNews, FasterLouder, News Limited and Gizmodo have in common? They all love Moshcam! Read more about us in our In the News section.

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How do I get filmed by Moshcam?

Step One: Get in touch! We clearly can’t film every band who crosses our path, and our pockets sadly have limits, but we do work with PledgeMusic and we can also offer highly competitive production costs plus access to our global distribution platform.

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