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Mist and Sea

@ Metro Theatre, Sydney, 8 November 2007

Mist & Sea began in 2001, when Jason met Vincent on random occasions in Melbourne. The two began to make plans and strategies for a musical project. There was talk about performances, new media projects, installations, RSL tours. The other half of Pretty Boy Crossover (Cailan) joined the duo in some lounge-room writing sessions, with the basic essentials: guitar and vocals. And then, after successfully being granted some cash from Arts Victoria, a 6 piece was set up for the purpose of writing and recording a full length LP. The line up for this album (due to be released by POPFRENZY on July 23) was Cailan Burns, Emma Bortignon, Phillip Collings, Vincent Giarrusso, Jed Palmer and Jason Sweeney. The trio of Vincent, Jason and Cailan is the core of Mist & Sea and new songs are being worked on for a follow up LP in 2007. Source: